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Deiter Dizon is a budding digital entreprenuer in Brisbane QLD and Perth WA.

An award winning student and professional in the field of Digital media. He has been hired for positions in Digital media services such as event and portrait photographer, web designer and graphics designer as well as video editor.

The area of he is servicing are around Brisbane City and Perth City.

Corporate videos, video editing

Video Production for companies, video editor and editing for company videos and advertising. Film maker in Brisbane

Web Designer and Developer in Perth and Brisbane

Affordable webmaster for online shop website for Brisbane and Perth Companies.

Professional with friendly rates and appealing designs.

3d Animator 2d Animation

3d modeling in video commercial and video editor. 3d animation and 3d modeling post production. Photo slideshow presentation with photos for events. Brisabane Australia and Manila designers. Typography animation and text effects. As well as other digital media productions.from Graphics design and web design, visual effects too.

Good Photographer in Brisbane

This site is by Mr. Deiter A. Dizon - a rising creative photographer, graphics and web designer and video editor.deiter dizon video animation editor. Photography Align


Dd. may not be the best in the digital media industry but it continues to create unique and interesting pieces that capture its audience.

By heading his own way rather than following others' direction, Dd. maintains its own identity as free creative. With skills mostly self-taught, this proves that talent grows better with personal motivation than higher university qualifications.

Using low-cost digital media equipment, Dd. believes that great things can be achieved with efficient management and humble ingenuity.


A new line of photography ideas that captures precious moments of our daily lives. PhotoExpressions by Deiter* is a collection of travel photos and friends' portraits that were shot in casual days and with natural environment light.

Digital enhancements are done in a contolled manner keeping the authenticity of the moment while putting your dreams into reality.

See the difference and feel the passion.

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Video Production & Visual Effects

3D Modeling & Animation

Check out our short film entitled The Fine Print.
More visual effects and animation arriving soon.

Articulate Images & Webpages

Edgy designs that illustrate various ideas with a spunk. Combined simplicity and sophistication that delivers the message with appealing aesthetics and substance.

New graphic designs to be released in a moment.

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten
what one has learned in school."

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If you need to have a digital media project done, please don't hesitate to contact me at the details below.

Personal Profile, portfolio and detailed CV available upon request.

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This site was last updated on 01 June 2013.

An award winning digital media artist who won the TAFE Queensland's state-wide competition (Make It Happen Competition) last 2012 and the BrisTV 31 Your Stories Competition last 2011. He represented Southbank Institute of Technology, Brisbane in these competitions that made him nominated as International Student of the year at the Queensland Education and Training International.

Deiter has 4 years of experience in the IT industry as a software engineer. In 2010, he finally decided to focus more on his creative side rather than the technical side. A big change to shift his career to the creative industries from the not-so-colourful world of programming and systems development.

He started to learn photography and graphics design by his own in 2008-2009, he then enrolled on a diploma course of Screen and Media in 2010-2011 where he learned more about motion graphics and film-making.

He is now working as a Digital Designer and Web Developer in a Brisbane-based national company. On the side, he is accepting interesting projects in photography, video production, web design and internet marketing.


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